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Unknown, Roman

Transport Amphora, Julio-Claudian to Flavian Period (27 BCE-96 CE), 27 BCE - 96 CE
Roman Ceramics
46 3/8 x 10 1/4 in. (117.8 x 26 cm), without base

Acquired through gift of R.T. Miller and appropriation from R.T. Miller Fund,  44.51

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This large, roughly-constructed storage vessel is one of thousands produced by pottery work-shops throughout the Mediterranean region. Pointed bases enabled amphorae to be stored upright, embedded in sand. For shipment by sea, they were packed horizontally, fitting head-to-end for stability in rough waters. The distinctive shape of this amphora may identify it as a Spanish-made vessel for shipping garum, a fermented fish sauce that was a staple at Roman banquets.

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