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Todd McGrain
American, (1961 - )

Passenger Pigeon, 2007
21st Century American Sculpture
76 x 25 x 25 in. (193 x 63.5 x 63.5 cm), overall

Clara and Edwin Strasenburgh Fund,  2007.26

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About the Object

Artist statement from http://www.toddmcgrain.com/:

The Lost Bird Project recognizes the tragedy of modern extinction by immortalizing North American birds, which have been driven to extinction, including the Passenger Pigeon, the Carolina Parakeet, the Labrador Duck, the Great Auk, and the Heath Hen.

The bronze sculptures I am creating will be subtle, beautiful, and hopeful reminders. The human scale of each sculpture elicits a physical sympathy. The smooth surface, like a stone polished from touch, conjures the effect of memory and time. I model these gestural forms to contain a taut equilibrium, a balanced pressure from outside and from inside-like a breath held in. As a group they are melancholy, yet affirming. They compel us to recognize the finality of our loss, they ask us not to forget them, and they remind us of our duty to prevent further extinction.