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Tiffany Studios
American, active 1902 - 1932

Stained Glass Window, 1882
American Glass
Glass and lead
36 in. x 19 in. (91.44 cm x 48.26 cm)

Gift of Ruth Rand Rapport in memory of Harold S. Rand,  98.69

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Rochester tycoon William Kimball, owner of the Kimball Tobacco Factory, hired Louis Comfort Tiffany to design his home and its furnishings on 145 Troup Street in Corn Hill.  The opulent residence, called Kimball’s Castle, housed an art collection and a pipe organ.  The window installed here was rescued by Harold Rand during the building’s unfortunate demolition to make way for Route 490.  

Our thanks go to Valerie O’Hara from Pike Stained Glass Studio for her generous conservation of the window.  

[Gallery label text, 2002]

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