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Nancy S. Graves
American, 1940 - 1995

Fragment, 1977
American Painting
Oil and crayon on canvas
64 in. x 76 in. (162.56 cm x 193.04 cm)

Gift of Sharon and Neil Norry; and Marion Stratton Gould Fund,  85.27

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Nancy Graves worked in many media, including sculpture, printmaking, film, and painting. This fact may be one reason why this important and influential artist is not as well known today as she might otherwise be. Gravesí work is so varied in subject and material that it can be difficult to grasp the totality of her accomplishment. For paintings like this from the late 1970s, the artist found inspiration in topographical maps, including of the ocean floor, lunar photographs, fossil records, and other records of the natural world to create ebullient, whimsical, and layered abstract paintings.

[Summer 2015]

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