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Jean-Léon Gérôme
French, 1824 - 1904

Interior of a Mosque, 1890-1899
French Painting
Oil on canvas
23 3/8 in. x 35 3/8 in. (59.37 cm x 89.85 cm)

Gift of Mr. and Mrs. F. Harper Sibley,  57.18

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Gérôme was the most popular and influential French academic painter of the second half of the 19th century and a leader among artists specializing in Oriental subjects.  During trips to North Africa and the Near East he made countless drawings, which he transformed into paintings like this in his Paris studio.  The documentary quality of this masterful work is achieved by Gérôme's meticulous technique, by his ability to suggest subtle nuances of light and atmosphere, and by his precise evocation of the worshippers in all stages of their devotion, from the initial upright recitation of vows to the final prostration before God.

[Gallery label text, 1999]

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