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Unknown, Italian
17th-18th centuries Italian Musical Instrument

Albert Bierstadt
The Sierras Near Lake Tahoe, California
American Painting

Ralph Albert Blakelock
Afternoon Light
American Painting

Georges Braque
Still Life with Pipe (Nature morte Ó la Pipe)
French Painting

Jean Baptiste Carpeaux
The Breton Poet (The Smoker) (Le Fumeur)
French Sculpture

Paul CÚzanne
View of Mt. Marseilleveyre and the Isle of Maire (L'Estaque)
French Painting

Thomas Cole
Genesee Scenery
American Painting

Joseph Cornell
The Admiral's Game
American Sculpture

Stuart Davis
Landscape with Garage Lights
American Painting

Jan Davidsz. de Heem
Still Life
Dutch Painting

Edwin Dickinson
Snow on Quai
American Painting

Arthur Dove
Cars in a Sleet Storm
American Painting

Walter Goodman
The Printseller's Window
British Painting

Joseph H. Hidley
Landscape with Figures
American Painting

Winslow Homer
The Artist's Studio in an Afternoon Fog
American Painting

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