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Traditions & Encounters: Art of Africa, Oceania & Native North America

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Title Artist Medium & Support Accession Number
Sears Ross tji wara (mother and child)   Cole, Willie   Bicycle parts  2006.40
Veranda Post   Ise, Olowe of   Wood, paint  1971.13
Polar Bear with Shaman   Piungitu, Davidee   Soapstone  1983.82
Yam Mask   Unknown, Abelam   Grass, pigment  1974.78
Fertility Doll (Akuaba)   Unknown, Asante   Wood  1967.31
Hook Figure (Yipwon)   Unknown, Arambak   Wood, shell  1970.82
Fertility Doll (Akuaba)   Unknown, Asante   Wood and beads  1984.20
Female Figure with Child   Unknown, Asante   Wood, iron, sacrificial materials  1970.62
Crest Mask: Male Antelope (Chi Wara)   Unknown, Bamana   Wood, fiber, and metal  1969.107
Crest Mask: Female Antelope (Chi Wara)   Unknown, Bamana   Wood, cane, shell, yarn and brass  1993.14
Door Lock   Unknown, Bamana   Wood and metal  1969.71
Female Figure (Blolo Bla or Asie Usu)   Unknown, Baule   Wood  1969.33
Male Figure (Blolo Bian or Asie Usu)   Unknown, Baule   Wood  1971.19
Crest Mask   Unknown, Cameroon   Wood  1971.20
Face Mask (Gegon)   Unknown, Dan   Wood, raffia fiber  1969.69
Face Mask (Bu Gle)   Unknown, Dan   Wood, metal, pigment, sacrificial materials  1970.24
Face Mask with Hinged Jaw (Bu gle)   Unknown, Dan   Wood, metal, monkey fur, sacrificial materials  1969.21
Face Mask   Unknown, Dyimini   Wood, pigment  1970.21
Man and Woman in Canoe with Totemic Animals   Unknown, Haida   Argillite  1983.17
Mask (Mai)   Unknown, Iatmul   Wood, shells, hair, paint  1977.158
Gable Mask   Unknown, Iatmul   Wood, pigment, shell  1973.139
Reliquary Image (Ngulu/Nguru)   Unknown, Kota   Brass and copper over wood  1985.25
Face Mask   Unknown, Marka   Wood, brass, iron and fiber  1993.37
Helmet Mask (Sowei)   Unknown, Mende   Wood  1972.52
Face Mask   Unknown, Nuxálk   Wood, paint  1984.45

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