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2000 - 1000 BCE

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Title Artist Medium & Support Accession Number
The God Osiris as a Mummified Man   Unknown, Egyptian   Bronze  1951.116
The Goddess Neith   Unknown, Egyptian   Bronze  1951.117
Horse Bit with Cheekpieces in the Form of Winged Sphinxes   Unknown, Iranian   Bronze  1948.39
Ceremonial Food Vessel (Gui)   Unknown, Chinese   Bronze  1942.15
Antelope Pin   Unknown, Iranian   Bronze  1960.9.1
Eye Inlay   Unknown, Egyptian   Bronze, stone, ivory  30.2003aL
Eye Inlay   Unknown, Egyptian   Bronze, stone, ivory  30.2003bL
Juglet   Unknown, Palestinian   Clay  1987.35
Cuneiform Tablet   Unknown, Sumerian   Clay  1954.58.1
Cuneiform Tablet   Unknown, Sumerian   Clay  1954.58.2
The Goddess Taweret   Unknown, Egyptian   Faience  1928.156
Djed-pillar   Unknown, Egyptian   Faience  1928.168
Papyrus Scepter Amulet   Unknown, Egyptian   Faience  1928.170
The God Anubis as a Man with a Jackal's Head   Unknown, Egyptian   Faience  1928.180
Necklace with Wedjat-eye Amulets   Unknown, Egyptian   Faience  1928.205
Shawabti of Padi-Osiris, Overseer of the Army   Unknown, Egyptian   Faience  1928.405
Shawabti Overseer Figure   Unknown, Egyptian   Faience  1928.431
Necklace with Symbols and Amulets   Unknown, Egyptian   Faience  1952.55
Shawabti of Pa-tchaw-medi-Amun   Unknown, Egyptian   Faience, pigment  32.2003L
Standing Figure of the Finance Minister Maya   Unknown, Egyptian   Limestone  1942.55
Ba-bird Amulet   Unknown, Egyptian   Mold-made blue glazed faience  1928.261.1
Fragment of a Hymn from the Book of the Dead   Unknown, Egyptian   Papyrus, ink  20.2003L
Scarab   Unknown, Egyptian   Steatite  1928.193
Container   Unknown, Egyptian   Steatite  1928.227
Scarab with Hunting Scene   Unknown, Egyptian   Stone  1928.163

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