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Title Artist Medium & Support Accession Number
Fragment of a Relief Plaque or Amulet   Unknown, Indian   Clay  1953.57
Hanukkiah   Palombo, David   Wrought iron and stone  1998.81
Relief from the Tomb of Metetu   Unknown, Egyptian   Limestone  1973.64
Tribute Bearer   Unknown, Persian   Limestone  1944.1
Hook Figure (Yipwon)   Unknown, Arambak   Wood, shell  1970.82
Spirit Board (Gope)   Unknown, Papua New Guinean   Wood, paint  1987.84
Paten   Unknown, Spanish   Gilded copper with silver and niello work  1949.49
Saint Eustace (after Durer)   Hopfer, Hieronymus   Etching  1967.55
Seated Buddha   Unknown, Thai   Bronze  1930.30
Chasuble   Unknown, Spanish   Fabric, gold and silk embroidery  1939.2
Shrine Coffin of Pa-debehu-Aset   Unknown, Egyptian   Wood, polychromy   2000.11.1
Inner Coffin of Pa-debehu-Aset   Unknown, Egyptian   Wood, polychromy, gilding, with glass, stone and shell inlay  2000.11.2
Goddess Finial   Unknown, Iranian   Bronze  2007.36
Canopic Jar - Jackal   Unknown, Egyptian   Stone  3.1981L
Canopic Jar - Human   Unknown, Egyptian   Stone  4.1981L
Canopic Jar - Hawk   Unknown, Egyptian   Stone  5.1981L
Canopic Jar - Ape   Unknown, Egyptian   Stone  6.1981L
Shawabti of Hor, Son of Mer-Neith   Unknown, Egyptian   Faience  12.2003L
Ibis Mummy with Jar and Lid   Unknown, Egyptian   Pottery, linen, ibis remains  14.2003a-cL
Mummy Mask   Unknown, Egyptian   Cartonnage, pigment  15.2003L
Wedjat-eye Amulet   Unknown, Egyptian   Faience  18.2003L
Lekythos   Unknown, Greek   Terracotta  1929.87.1
Spice container (besamim, tower form)   Unknown, Austrian   Silver filigree  2006.56
Kiddush Cup   Mittnacht, Hieronymus   Silver  2006.54
Spice container (besamim, fish form)   Unknown, possibly German or Austrian   Silver, glass  2006.53

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