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Title Artist Medium & Support Accession Number
Amulet Figure   Unknown, Teotihuacan   Green stone  1971.16
Baptismal Font with Symbols of the Four Evangelists and Four Angels   Unknown, North Italian   Limestone  1949.5
Boat Model from a Child's Tomb   Unknown, Egyptian   Terracotta  1928.362
Burial Mantle with Feline Figures   Unknown, Paracas   Cotton and camelid fiber  1944.52
Burial Mask   Unknown, Chimú   Gold, silver and copper alloy  1947.9
Canopic Jar - Ape   Unknown, Egyptian   Stone  6.1981L
Canopic Jar - Hawk   Unknown, Egyptian   Stone  5.1981L
Canopic Jar - Human   Unknown, Egyptian   Stone  4.1981L
Canopic Jar - Jackal   Unknown, Egyptian   Stone  3.1981L
Ceremonial Grinding Stone (Flying-Panel Metate)   Unknown, Central Highlands or Atlantic Watershed   Volcanic stone  1972.10
Ceremonial Vessel (He)   Unknown, Chinese   Bronze  1951.15
Chalice   Unknown, Spanish   Gilt silver  1949.52
Chasuble   Unknown, Spanish   Fabric, gold and silk embroidery  1939.2
Cinerary Urn   Unknown, Etruscan   Terracotta with polychrome  1944.49b
Cinerary Urn Lid   Unknown, Etruscan   Terracotta with polychrome  1944.49a
Cinerary Urn with Lid   Unknown, Etruscan   Terracotta with polychrome  1944.49a-b
Collar with Amulets   Unknown, Egyptian   Terracotta, faience glaze  1928.169
Crest Mask: Female Antelope (Chi Wara)   Unknown, Bamana   Wood, cane, shell, yarn and brass  1993.14
Crest Mask: Male Antelope (Chi Wara)   Unknown, Bamana   Wood, fiber, and metal  1969.107
Crucifix   Unknown, Spanish   Wood, polychromy  1952.34
Face Mask with Hinged Jaw (Elu)   Unknown, Ogoni   Wood, pigment and fiber  1972.53
Female Figure (Akuaba)   Unknown, Asante   Wood  1984.19
Fertility Doll (Akuaba)   Unknown, Asante   Wood  1967.31
Fertility Doll (Akuaba)   Unknown, Asante   Wood and beads  1984.20
Fragment of a Relief Plaque or Amulet   Unknown, Indian   Clay  1953.57

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