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Title Artist Medium & Support Accession Number
Fragment of a Relief Plaque or Amulet   Unknown, Indian   Clay  1953.57
Funerary Double Urn with Warrior Head   Unknown, Zapotec   Clay, pigment  1948.8
Standing Female Figure   Unknown, Syrian   Ivory  1928.334
Worshipper Bearing an Animal Offering   Unknown, Mesopotamian   Terracotta  1945.60
Man Mounted on an Ox   Unknown, Cypriot   Clay, polychromy  1951.313
Female Figure   Unknown, Sumerian   Terracotta  1973.16
Standing Female Figure   Unknown, Cypriot   Molded terracotta  1928.263
Standing Female Figure   Unknown, Coptic   Terracotta, polychromy  1928.264
Lunar Movement   Gill, Andrea   Earthenware, engobe and glaze  2000.31
Bowl   Pena, Tony and Juanita   Clay with mineral pigment  1960.54
Flute or Cano   Unknown, Peruvian   Clay  1948.53
Votive Figure of Aphrodite   Unknown, Turkish   Clay  1945.19
Four-footed Bowl   Fulper Pottery   Ceramic  1998.97
Head of a Warrior   Unknown, Mexican   Clay  1953.25
Lekythos   Unknown, Greek   Terracotta  1929.87.2
August 85-87   Dillingham, Rick   Earthenware with gold leaf  2002.16
Small Bottle   Unknown, Roman   Clay  1953.58
Small Jar   Unknown, Roman   Clay  1953.59
Lekythos   Unknown, Greek   Terracotta  1929.87.1
Covered Urn (one of a pair)   Unknown, French   Porcelain  1930.50.2
Cylindrical Jar   Unknown, Egyptian   Terracotta, paint  1951.201.2
Silenus Head Oil Lamp   Unknown, Roman   Terracotta 
Cinerary Urn   Unknown, Etruscan   Terracotta with polychrome  1944.49b
Dish   Unknown, Chinese   Green celadon stoneware 
Dancing Court Lady (one of a pair)   Unknown, Chinese   Terracotta, polychromy  1948.90.2

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