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Ancient Greek Art

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Title Artist Medium & Support Accession Number
Bracelet in Form of a Snake   Unknown, Greek   Silver  1920.56
Eros Harpocrates   Unknown, Greek   Bronze with patina  1928.415
Krater   Unknown, Mycenaean   Terracotta, paint  1951.203
Krater   Unknown, Mycenaean   Terracotta, paint  1951.204
Eros with a Torch   Unknown, Greek   Bronze  1951.183
Comic Actor, Tanagra Type   Unknown, Greek   Terracotta  1951.187
Figure of a Woman, Tanagra Type   Unknown, Greek   Terracotta, polychromy  1966.14
Fragment of a Reclining Figure   Unknown, Greek   Terracotta with traces of paint  1951.185
Grotesque Head   Unknown, Greek   Ceramic with faience glaze  1928.83
Fragment of a Female Head   Unknown, Greek   Clay  1953.56
Lekythos   Unknown, Greek   Terracotta and white slip  1970.84
Krater   Unknown, Greek   Red-figured pottery  1969.6
Grave Stele   Unknown, Greek   Pentelic marble  1936.54
Figurine Head   Unknown, Greek   Clay  1947.99
Baby Rattle   Unknown, Greek   Terracotta, polychrome  1990.13
Jointed Doll Holding a Tambourine   Unknown, Greek   Terracotta, traces of polychromy  1928.99
Strigil (Skin Scraper)   Unknown, Greek   Bronze  1928.7
Miniature Actor's Mask   Unknown, Greek   Bronze  1928.8
Pelike   Unknown, Greek   Painted terracotta  1929.89
Askos   Unknown, Greek   Terracotta, paint  1943.2
Aryballos   Unknown, Greek   Ceramic, pigments  29.2009L
Black-Figure Kylix with Warriors in Battle   Unknown, Greek   Painted terracotta  1929.91
Black-Figure Kylix with Dionysian Revelers   Unknown, Greek   Painted terracotta  1929.90
Lekythos   Unknown, Greek   Terracotta  1929.87.2
Lekythos   Unknown, Greek   Terracotta  1929.87.1

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