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1000 BCE - 500 CE

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Title Artist Medium & Support Accession Number
Jar for Cosmetics   Unknown, Egyptian   Alabaster  1928.247
Winged Genius   Unknown, Assyrian   Alabaster  1944.10
Tetradrachm of Diocletian   Unknown, Roman   Billon  1995.28
Jar   Unknown, Roman   Blown glass  1928.64
Fish   Unknown, Roman   Blown, applied, and tooled glass  1928.324
Strainer   Unknown, Egyptian   Bronze  1928.337
The God Thoth as an Ibis   Unknown, Egyptian   Bronze  1928.400
The God Osiris as a Mummified Man   Unknown, Egyptian   Bronze  1951.116
The Goddess Neith   Unknown, Egyptian   Bronze  1951.117
The Goddess Wadjet   Unknown, Egyptian   Bronze  1951.118
The God Horus as a Youth   Unknown, Egyptian   Bronze  1951.119
Weight in the Form of a Goat   Unknown, Egyptian   Bronze  1951.205
The God Horus as a Falcon   Unknown, Egyptian   Bronze  1953.44
Pendant   Unknown, Iranian   Bronze  1973.85
The God Mars as a Warrior   Unknown, Etruscan   Bronze  1953.41
Head of a Bull   Unknown, Greek   Bronze  1957.29
Man Clutching Serpents   Unknown, Etruscan   Bronze  1957.30
Helmet Attachment with Winged Silenus   Unknown, Etruscan   Bronze  1957.31
Lion Head Medallion   Unknown, Roman   Bronze  1928.10
Eros with a Torch   Unknown, Greek   Bronze  1951.183
Strigil (Skin Scraper)   Unknown, Greek   Bronze  1928.7
Horse on an Openwork Stand   Unknown, Greek   Bronze  1953.43
Key   Unknown, Roman   Bronze  1928.45
Tweezers   Unknown, Roman   Bronze  1928.49
Oil Lamp   Unknown, Roman   Bronze  1951.124

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