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1000 BCE - 500 CE

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Title Artist Medium & Support Accession Number
"Smiling" Figure   Unknown, Remojadas   Clay  1954.39
Alabastrum   Unknown, Eastern Mediterranean   Glass  1928.231
Amphoriskos   Unknown, Eastern Mediterranean   Glass  1928.232
Amulet of a Nude Dwarf God, possibly Ptah   Unknown, Egyptian   Faience  1928.153
Amulet of the God Anubis   Unknown, Egyptian   Faience  1928.179
Antelope Pin   Unknown, Iranian   Bronze  1960.9.1
Askos   Unknown, Greek   Terracotta, paint  1943.2
Askos in the Form of a Horse   Unknown, Carthaginian   Clay  1925.41
Askos in the Form of a Ram   Unknown, Persian   Terracotta  1967.39
Ba-bird Amulet   Unknown, Egyptian   Mold-made blue glazed faience  1928.261.1
Baby Rattle   Unknown, Greek   Terracotta, polychrome  1990.13
Beaker with Flying Supernaturals   Unknown, Nasca   Terracotta with polychrome slip  1947.20
Black-Figure Kylix with Dionysian Revelers   Unknown, Greek   Painted terracotta  1929.90
Bowl with Flying Shaman and Trophy Heads   Unknown, Nasca   Terracotta with polychrome slip  1945.43
Bracelet in Serpent Form   Unknown, Egyptian   Silver  1928.234
Ceremonial Food Vessel (Gui)   Unknown, Chinese   Bronze  1942.15
Ceremonial Half-Celt Pendant   Unknown, Greater Nicoya   Green stone  1973.142
Coin of Constantine the Great   Unknown, Roman   Bronze  1995.25
Coin of the Bar Kochba Rebellion Against Rome   Unknown, Roman   Bronze  1995.26
Comic Actor, Tanagra Type   Unknown, Greek   Terracotta  1951.187
Denarius   Unknown, Roman   Silver  1995.33
Denarius of Lucius Sempronius Pitio   Unknown, Roman   Silver  1995.34
Djed-pillar   Unknown, Egyptian   Faience  1928.168
Dog Vessel   Unknown, Colima   Earthenware  1994.58
Double-Spout and Bridge Vessel with Flying Shaman   Unknown, Nasca   Terracotta with polychrome slip  1947.23

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