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Passport to the Past

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Title Artist Medium & Support Accession Number
Crest Mask: Female Antelope (Chi Wara)   Unknown, Bamana   Wood, cane, shell, yarn and brass  1993.14
Goldweight   Unknown, Asante   Brass  1953.76.1
Crest Mask: Male Antelope (Chi Wara)   Unknown, Bamana   Wood, fiber, and metal  1969.107
Four-Tiered Imari Ware Food Container   Unknown, Japanese   Porcelain, overglaze enamels  1981.37
Head Fragment   Unknown, Edo (Bini)   Clay, pigment  1965.25
Pendant Amulet (Ikhoko)   Unknown, Western Pende   Ivory  1951.114
Champion-Cultivator Staff   Unknown, Senufo   Wood, fiber, cowrie shells, beads, sacrificial materials  1971.64
Crest Mask   Unknown, Yaka   Wood, fiber, pigment  1972.54
Horse   Unknown, Chinese   Terracotta, glaze, polychromy  1930.26
Body Mask   Unknown, Papua New Guinean   Cane fibers, shells, feathers, pigment  1973.138
Gable Mask   Unknown, Iatmul   Wood, pigment, shell  1973.139
Yam Mask   Unknown, Abelam   Grass, pigment  1974.78
Mask (Mai)   Unknown, Iatmul   Wood, shells, hair, paint  1977.158
Spirit Board (Gope)   Unknown, Papua New Guinean   Wood, paint  1987.84
Tomb Tile   Unknown, Chinese   Terracotta with impressed designs in red and white pigment  1942.16
The God Osiris as a Mummified Man   Unknown, Egyptian   Bronze  1951.116
Horse Bit with Cheekpieces in the Form of Winged Sphinxes   Unknown, Iranian   Bronze  1948.39
Bodhisattva Kannon   Unknown, Japanese   Wood, gesso, polychromy  1974.83
Ceremonial Food Vessel (Gui)   Unknown, Chinese   Bronze  1942.15
Head of the Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara   Unknown, Cambodian   Stone  1936.4
Reliquary Châsse with Scenes from the Life of St. Stephen   Unknown, French   Champlevé enamel, gilded copper  1949.20
Krater   Unknown, Mycenaean   Terracotta, paint  1951.204
Head of a Buddha   Unknown, Thai   Bronze  1930.33
Bowl   Unknown, Persian   Glazed terracotta  1951.317
Tile   Unknown, Persian   Ceramic  2009.7

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