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Title Artist Medium & Support Accession Number
Woman Tying Obi   Kikukawa Eizan   Color woodcut  1997.45
Bowl   Ohi Chozaemon X   Ceramic  1997.36
Bird of the Quail Family on One Foot   Unknown, Japanese   Ink with transluscent and opaque watercolor on paper  1996.72
Nakazu (?)   Hosoda Eishi   Color woodcut  1997.83
Eitai Bridge, Tsukuda Island   Ando Hiroshige   Color woodcut  1997.41
Chofu in Musashi   Ando Hiroshige   Color woodcut  1997.190
Settsu   Ando Hiroshige   Color woodcut  1997.194
Five from Hisakataya   Gakutei   Color woodcut  1997.228
Spring Rain in the Sunset Glow (two geisha)   Utagawa Kunisada I   Color woodcut  1997.207
Futakawa, Surugababa   Ando Hiroshige   Color woodcut  1997.112
Eitai Bridge, Tsukuda Island   Ando Hiroshige   Color woodcut  1997.42
The Actor Iwai Hanshirô IV   Katsukawa Shunkô   Color woodcut  1997.111
Print from "White Threads of Waterfall and Mountain Cherry Blossons" series   Kitagawa Utamaro   Color woodcut  1997.98
Rooster   Unknown, Japanese   Woodcut  1997.147
Kirifuri Waterfall on Mt. Kurokami in Shimozuke Province   Katsushika Hokusai   Color woodcut  1997.110
Cherry Blossoms Along a Road   Unknown, Japanese   Color on silk  1997.155
The Great Lantern at Nanzenji   Hasegawa Sadanobu I   Color woodcut  1997.159
Nakamura Tomijuro (actor in female role)   Torii Kiyonaga   Color woodcut  1997.202
Yôrô Waterfall in Mino Province   Katsushika Hokusai   Color woodcut  1997.108
Three Young Women in Autumn Patterns   Kikukawa Eizan   Color woodcut  1997.114
Segawa (a courtesan)   Kikukawa Eizan   Color woodcut  1997.89
Night Scene at Yanagibashi   Ando Hiroshige   Color woodcut  1997.160
Beauties Enjoying the Breeze with Child Treasures   Kikukawa Eizan   Color woodcut  1997.100
The Second Month   Utagawa Toyokuni I   Color woodcut  1997.47
Ushiwakamaru Defeats the Robber Gang   Yoshitsuya Ichieisai   Color woodcut  1997.223a-c

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