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Title Artist Medium & Support Accession Number
Jar for Cosmetics   Unknown, Egyptian   Alabaster  1928.247
Man and Woman in Canoe with Totemic Animals   Unknown, Haida   Argillite  1983.17
Cap Crown or Bodice Insert   Unknown, Flemish   Binche bobbin lace  1944.60
Pepino Vessel with Small Lizard Handle   Unknown, Chimú-Inca   Blackware  1943.8
Double-Chambered Spout and Bridge Vessel with Llama or Alpaca Head   Unknown, Chimú   Blackware  1946.24
Vessel, Stirrup Handle   Unknown, Chimú-Inca   Blackware  1948.94
Jar   Unknown, Roman   Blown glass  1928.64
Button   Unknown, Greek   Bone  1920.57
Comb   Unknown, Tlingit or Haida   Bone  1953.62
Hanukkiah or Candelabra   Unknown, German   Brass  1994.53
Treasure Chest   Unknown, Indian   Brass  1958.29
Loaf of Bread from a Tomb   Unknown, Egyptian   Bread dough  1928.122
Strainer   Unknown, Egyptian   Bronze  1928.337
The God Osiris as a Mummified Man   Unknown, Egyptian   Bronze  1951.116
Weight in the Form of a Goat   Unknown, Egyptian   Bronze  1951.205
Food Vessel (Kuei)   Unknown, Chinese   Bronze  1949.83
Ceremonial Vessel (He)   Unknown, Chinese   Bronze  1951.15
Key   Unknown, Roman   Bronze  1928.45
Kylix with Hinged Handles   Unknown, Roman   Bronze  1951.168
Pedestal Vase   Unknown, Italian   Bronze  1953.13
Mortar and Pestle   Unknown, Italian   Bronze  1955.119.1-.2
Mortar   Unknown, Italian   Bronze  1955.173
Horse Bit with Cheekpieces in the Form of Winged Sphinxes   Unknown, Iranian   Bronze  1948.39
Pitcher with Panther Handle   Unknown, European   Bronze  1955.118
Seated Buddha   Unknown, Thai   Bronze  1930.30

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