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Many Faces, Many Places

A cross-cultural look at works of art from around the world, emphasizing masks and portraits. Complements the NYS social studies standards for 3rd grade.

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The Dipolar Girls Take a Voyage on the St. Lawrence

Roy De Forest
Acrylic, polymer and charcoal on canvas
American Painting

William H. Macdowell

Thomas Eakins
Oil on canvas
American Painting

Tom Cafferty

Robert Henri
Oil on canvas
American Painting

Two Musicians

Bernardo Strozzi
Oil on canvas
Italian Painting

Crest Mask: Female Antelope (Chi Wara)

Unknown, Bamana
Wood, cane, shell, yarn and brass
Bamana Mask; Made in Mali

Crest Mask: Male Antelope (Chi Wara)

Unknown, Bamana
Wood, fiber, and metal
Bamana Mask; Made in Mali

Head of the Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara

Unknown, Cambodian
11th-12th Centuries Cambodian Sculpture

Bodhisattva Guanyin on Mount Potala

Unknown, Chinese
Wood, polychromy, gold
Chinese Sculpture

Court Lady

Unknown, Chinese
Terracotta, polychromy
7th-10th centuries Chinese Ceramics

Court Musicians from a Tomb

Unknown, Chinese
Terracotta, polychromy
Chinese Ceramics

Dancing Court Lady (one of a pair)

Unknown, Chinese
Terracotta, polychromy
7th-8th centuries Chinese Ceramics

Bodhisattva Kannon

Unknown, Japanese
Wood, gesso, polychromy
Japanese Sculpture

Raven Dance Mask

Unknown, Kwakwaka'wakw
Wood, pigment, cedar bark
19th Century First Nations (Canada) Woodwork

Stirrup Spout Vessel: Frog

Unknown, Moche
Clay, pigment
Moche Ceramics; Made in Peru

Shaman Medicine Charm

Unknown, Tlingit
Walrus ivory
Tlingit Sculpture; Made in Alaska

Head Fragment

Unknown, Edo (Bini)
Clay, pigment
Edo (Bini) Ceramics; Made in Benin Kingdom, Nigeria

Twin Figure (Ere Ibeji)

Unknown, Yoruba
Wood, pigment, beads, cowrie shells, fiber, sacrificial materials
Yoruba Sculpture; Made in Nigeria

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