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Christian Boltanski
French, 1944 -

Monument, 1986
French Mixed Media
Photographs, light bulbs, electrical cord
77 x 59 in. (195.6 x 149.9 cm), overall

Marion Stratton Gould Fund,  2004.13

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About the Object

The faces of children included in Christian Boltanski's Monument are eerily familiar. While our first association may be with Holocaust memorials, these are also the faces that peer out at us from family photograph albums, faces of individuals who are still alive but no longer young. Boltanski is fascinated with the suggestive power of imagery and the role of memory in shaping our relationship with his work.

[Gallery label text, 2006]

Give your imagination free reign as you look at this installation. Spend some time considering the thoughts, ideas, associations and emotions that you experience.  The artist intends for you to have individual and personal responses to his work.  

As a starting point, consider how Monument evokes thoughts about childhood and memory.  

[Gallery label text, 2005]